We came together in late 2019 as a group of AFC Wimbledon fans & Dons Trust members. We were deeply concerned about the proposals brought forward by the Dons Trust Board that recommending selling control of the club in order to solve the stadium financing shortfall. We then supported the Plough Lane Bond scheme to address this shortfall and ensure the stadium could be built while the club remained majority fan owned. 

Now the stadium contract has been signed, we want to ensure that the club and Trust boards have learned from the mistakes made and that the structure is in place to ensure fan ownership is central to what happens next back at Plough Lane. 

We don’t claim to represent every Trust member or fan, but we believe that many Wimbledon fans share our concerns. 

If you support us, get in touch and tell us. Spread the word on social, and tell your fellow fans, friends and family. And if you disagree with any of our pieces, please comment and join the debate. 

Thanks also due to Adam Procter for the header image. You can view more of his images via his Flickr page.